Diamonds are a girl's best friend

As the old saying goes in showbiz, you know you’ve really made it when you need a security team just for your bra. Well perhaps that’s not every celebrity’s saying, but it certainly applies to Brazilian model Adriana Lima, who yesterday wore a diamond-encrusted bra for Victoria’s Secret worth a whopping $2million.

The Daily Mail reports that Adriana posed for photographers on a bright pink carpet in New York, wearing a pale blue satin gown which was completely cut away at the front to reveal what might well be the world’s most expensive bra. Apparently it took six craftsmen over 1500 hours to apply over 3000 jewels including white diamonds, topazes and sapphires. Never mind the price, what about the weight?!

Adriana is the second highest paid underwear model in the world, so we imagine that a $2million piece of underwear to her is just the equivalent of a trip to M&S’s lingerie department to us. Bet she struggles with it on laundry day, though.

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