Let Your Hair Sparkle with Look-Like Diamond Hair Accessories

Nothing makes the hair shine and glitter like diamond hair accessories. Unfortunately, unless you have the income of the Beckham’s, real diamonds are out of your budget. But you can substitute; high street is flooded with shops that give you diamond-look hair accessories that even the skimpiest paycheck can afford. Try these four diamond accessory looks to sparkle and shine without breaking your bank account!

Diamond Hair Band – Flapper Style

Paris Hilton always knows how to have a good time and her style shows that. Copy her flapper-like look she wore recently with your own look-like diamond hair accessories.

You need strappy hair bands encrusted with diamond-like jewels to pull off the flapper look. Choose a band with several strands.

- If you cannot find one with several strands, pair up several bands with different sized and shaped sparkly stones and slip on head one after the other.

Diamond Bow Clip

If anyone knows how to work the red carpet and diamond hair accessories, Katy Perry does. And, she did just that when she wore a cute but very grown-up diamond bow clip.

For a diamond bow clip to work, create tousled waves all over the head. Then pin the bow clip slightly back from the hairline, keeping it at eye level.

Diamond Embellished Hair Band

Keeping it simple and understated is one way that diamond hair accessories work best. Sophia Bush showed how one simple little classic diamond pennant on a strappy band says it all.

Look for a black strappy band that has a simple but elegant diamond-like pennant attached to it. When you wear it, keep the pennant slightly to the side of the part.

Diamond Ponytail Grip

Diamond hair accessories come in many shapes and sizes, but if you really want your ponytail to stand out, choose a diamond ponytail grip. That is what Eva Mendes did recently and it looked like a crowned jewel placed delicately on her head.

To pull off a diamond ponytail grip without going over the top you need to keep the ponytail high and full. It works best when the ponytail has some volume and height to it.


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