Diamante Hair Combs: Elegant and Yet So Simple

Diamante hair combs are hair combs with metallic aspects and diamante details. They are elegant and dedicated to special events such as weddings. They are one of the wedding hair accessories that should not be missing from your kit.

Type of Hair Combs

Hair combs can be made of plastic covered with a metallic coat which can imitate silver, gold or even bronze depending on your preference. They can also be made of metal which makes them sturdier and more functional. Hair combs with diamante details can be very simple in design or they can be rather sophisticated. There are some that are strictly decorative hair combs, which are just used for embellishing purposes, and there are more functional ones that can be used to hold your hair in a certain position.

Where to Buy

Amazon.co.uk is one of the online shopping solutions that can offer many different hair combs with unique diamante details. Here you can get practically anything from the simplest to the most complicated designs. The wedding accessories providers are also a good solution, but they tend to have products that are more expensive. The hair accessories suppliers can offer good products as well, but not as diverse as amazon.co.uk or shop.ebay.co.uk.

Price Expectations

In order to have a clear idea of the price level of hair combs it is recommended that you compare it with those of other hair accessories. Here are some examples:

  • 8 diamante hair pins cost £2, while a hair comb costs £8 to £20.
  • Diamante hair bands cost between £5 and £10 at the most, almost half as much as a hair comb.
  • Even an expensive tiara will not be more than £10.

Therefore diamante hair combs are expensive compared to other hair accessories with diamante details, but they can be very stunning.

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