Where to Find Diamante Hair Bands

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Hair accessories are divine. Whether it's a fascinator or a headpiece, an Alice band or one of the many diamante hair bands they really are a girl's best friend - minimal effort yet maximum style. The thing is hats and headgear were the reserve of the upper-classes only worn by royalty to special events. Then us commoners started to adorn our crowns too and slowly but surely hair accessories became smaller more acceptable to the point that you're only half-dressed without one.

Everyone remembers Princess Beatrice's Philip Treacy hat from the recent royal wedding. She was scorned and ridiculed for her choice and yet she went on to auction it for charity for thousands and thousands of pounds. Not bad Beatrice. So how can we emulate her style but at lower the risk?

River Island are phenomenal for hair accessories. They offer sedate black bands that are thin in width so therefore discreet and comfortable to wear. The embellishments that then sit on their thin bands range from diamante gems fashioned into flowery, leafy shapes to feather and silk flower arrangements. Prices start from £5 and for just £5 you can add a hell of a lot of pizazz to your outfit for such a small amount of money.

As always Primark have a huge selection of accessible and affordable as well as highly wearable hair accessories. They have diamante hair bands that are that bit more extravagant and then more colourful feathered ones which catch the trend of colour blocking this season. Yes, of course, they're cheap and prices begin at £1.50 but beware it's doubtful you'll auction it off for the thousands after.

Forever 21 also have a fabulous selection of headpieces and great diamante hair bands and also eBay carry a whole section on the subject. It really has never been easier to dress up or glam up so whether you are attending a black tie event or just want to do something different think: hair accessories.

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