Devil wears Prada meets Twitter

It might be thanks to the silly season, but a new twitter account has set tongues wagging in the fashion world. Called @conde elevator, with the tagline 'Things heard in the Conde Nast elevators do not stay in the Conde Nast elevator, the feed details the ridiculous bon mots shared inside the fashion elevator that funnels fashions bright young things up to Vogue.

As we're very kind, we've compiled the best tweets for your delectation. Tweet 1 - 'Girl #1: 'There should be an elevator that only goes to Vogue. Just up to the 12th floor and back down.' Girl #2: "Totally.' Tweet 2 -'Girl 1: "Is this skirt totally see through?' Girl 2: 'No! No! Looks great.' Guy, after they exit: 'That skirt was totally see through.'' Tweet 3 -'Girl #1: 'I love that necklace, I saw it at Banana last week and almost bought it too.' Girl #2: [flips hair] 'This is Gucci.' Tweet 4 -'Woman #1 to Woman #2, holding an omelet: 'What’s the occasion?' Woman #2: '…huh?' Woman #1: 'I would need an occasion to eat that.'

Fashion loves nothing better than an inside job, so expect to the see spin-off book in the near future.

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