Dress to thrill with devil fancy dress this Halloween!

The summer is sadly over and Autumn has most certainly arrived with a bang. But never fear, that only means one thing – party season is on its way! And first on the list is fast-approaching Halloween, the one time of year you can dress to escape the dreary everyday routine, or simply dress to impress your friends with a stunning outfit that’ll keep them guessing, or better still, frighten the living daylights out of them!

A classic Halloween look can be easily achieved with a devil fancy dress costume. The beauty of dressing in a devil costume is that you can make the look as simple or as elaborate as you wish – the only limit is your imagination!

For some great ideas for your devil fancy dress, try searching online. The Escapade website – escapade.co.uk – has some great deals on devil fancy dress costumes and devilish accessories to add the perfect finishing touches to your look.

Try accessorising with a trident – for just £1.99! – a black eye mask with red horns for £5.99 or even red contact lenses for £15.99! There are full devil costumes available for just £34.99, including a sizzling seductress sequinned devil costume, sure to thrill at any Halloween party.

Party Delights – partydelights.co.uk – is another great website to help you in your hunt for a daringly different devil party dress. Try a scary devil mask for just £17.99, or a sexy ‘flamin devil’ costume for just £32.99. If you’re on a budget, why not hit the high street to find some ruby red accessories to add some devilish flavour to that red dress hanging unworn in your wardrobe? High street favourites Claire Accessories, Matalan, Primark and New Look all have some fantastic options at a bargain price. Or why not hit your local charity shop to find some hidden treasures. The devil’s in the detail!

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