How to make the most of your designs by designing your own bum bag

The thing about those who have a passion for design is that there’s really no parameters on what to design. Sticking to just t-shirts is extremely limiting, which is why bum bags might be a great product to have a go at to expand your online shop.

If you decide to design your own bum bag, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind.

Who uses them?

Traditionally, they’re usually for festival goers and those who are travelling. Of course, they need to be functional — their purpose is to keep your smaller possessions safe such as passports, phones and currency. They’re more than that though, they were always a statement of being a free spirit.

This is important to keep in mind, because it can aid the designing process of them. This may be a chance for you to try out your more extravagant, hippy and psychedelic designs. Festival goers in particular enjoy them, because no one wants to carry around their backpack when enjoying different music stages. The bum bag is the best alternative for them, and they’re not looking for a black leather one either!

The second thing to keep in mind, is that they are also used by the older generation. These are more looking for functionality, and are perhaps the ones that might actually be looking for a black leather one. This is less likely to be your target audience, but if it is, it’s worth keeping in mind these two disparate users of bum bags. Fortunately, they are slowly becoming more mainstream too, meaning young people are starting to wear them casually instead of just special events or travelling.

Gap in the market

This is why dropshipping / print-on-demand bum bags are extremely important. They’re not exactly traditional, and they’re in a weird stage of growth as a product. As a designer, you should be licking your lips here. There’s a gap in the market because it's far from saturated market — in fact, it’s arguably in its infancy of becoming mainstream.

Whilst there’s of course a potential goldmine here, it comes with its difficulties as alluded to. Being in a precarious stage of growth with a very disparate audience range, it might take a few goes until you’re onto a winner. It’s fun, because you can explore very unique designs and the product inherently allows for more free, extravagant design as its merely an accessory. But you’re also not secure on where the demand is, so you may need to try out a few different things (hence why you should stay away from bulk supplies).


Lastly, when selling them, you need to be aware of their different names. They have three main names, depending on who you ask: bum bags, fanny packs and belt bags. Some of the high-end designers have started using ‘belt bag’, perhaps to stray away from the hippy/traveller image of its use, whist the US generally calls it a fanny pack and in the UK, bum bag. These keywords can be used together, or you can focus on one depending on who your target audience is.

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