Designers handbags sales online - buy with confidence!

Designers handbags sales online! Handbags by the worlds most desirable designers are now becoming ever more affordable. As the trends are constantly changing, so is the shape and style of handbags. Two seasons ago it was all about the bowling bag while last winter was all about the clutch.

With the advent of each new trend comes the clearing out of the previous seasons stock. If you're watching a particular bag then keeping an eye on the designers website could yield surprising results!

For a bag such as the Chloe Paddington you can expect to pay up to £1150 for the larger version and around £900 for the smaller bag. Christian Dior would be renowned for their designer bags and they are instantly recognisable by the discreet CD logo on the zippers.

The problem with buying handbags online is that there is always the possibility that the item is not genuine. Dior themselves issue a card of authenticity with all their handbags and there is even a serial number included on the underside of the logo contained on the inside zip.

Many designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Moschino and Prada lose millions in sales every year owing to cheap replicas flooding the Market. To counteract this many websites offer discounts on their goods. eBay can be an Aladdin's cave once you know what to look for and when you buy off approved sellers.

When buying handbags from eBay, always check the feedback and ensure that you can obtain a full refund should you not be satisfied when the bag actually arrives. Many eBay sellers pride themselves on selling only genuine vintage products and you can buy with confidence from them. Know your product, read the guides on eBay that advise on how to spot a fake and then happy bidding!

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