Designer Louboutin shoes available in the UK

Christian Louboutin, a French designer, is famous around the world for his shoe designs. Louboutin shoes can be purchased through up-market retailers in the UK such as Harrods, Selfridges and net-a-porter. All Louboutin shoes have a red sole, which has become a trade mark for the designer since 1992.

The designer is most notable for his killer platform heels, ranging from 4 inches, like those of the Big Stack 120 retailing for £495 (available from pamjenkins.co.uk), to 6 inches, like the Jerry lace-up sandals priced at £395 that are available from net-a-porter.com. The platform-soled shoes range in style from peep toe shoes to boots. The retail price of platform shoes can vary immensely, depending on material and added features. For example, the Very Mix shoe has added studs retailing at US$3,595 from us.christianlouboutin.com. Whereas, a plain leather pair of shoes like the Lady Peep sells for US$895 at us.christianlouboutin.com.

There is also a large selection of flat shoes available, from sandals to the slip-on shoe. Sandals like the Hola Chica retail at £325 (purchasing from net-a-porter.com). A slip-on shoe such as the Pigalle can be purchased for £625 (at matchesfashion.com). Other types of shoes produced are wedges and pumps. Pumps by Louboutin are not the usual flat shoe, but are designed with small heels, and come with either a pointed or round toe style.

Some of the shoes produced can only be purchased online at us.christianlouboutin.com, like the Madame butterfly pump costing US$855. Shoe designs come in a variety of different colours and styles.

Men’s shoes are also available, although there is not as large a selection. There are still some great designs. Louboutin’s attention to detail can be seen in shoes like the Mikaraja flat (US$2,095), which has a beaded tassel on the front. A less formal shoe is available for men wanting to look stylish but casual. For example, the high boot trainer is available in the UK priced at £455 from matchesfashion.com.

So, if you want that bit of designer luxury like many of the celebrities, then be sure to search out Christian Louboutin shoes.

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