Cat's eye designer ladies sunglasses are just purr-fect!

Hey fashionistas! You may have noticed by now that more than a few celebrities are sporting the latest look in spring/ summer sunglasses - yes, the cat's eye is back!

This classy design was made famous by Fifties icons such as Audrey Hepburn and is now the shade of choice for stars from Jennifer Lopez to Olivia Palermo.

So if you're feeling feline, why not upgrade your eye wear to a shiny new pair of designer ladies sunglasses for 2011? Here are some top range models to make all you kittens smitten!

The fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs Rounded Cat's Eye Sunglasses are lightly tinted and topped off to perfection with a teeny tiny star at each tip. The classic tortoiseshell finish goes with simply everything.

If you want a nod to the 80s as well as the 50s, why not check out the Gucci Women's Rounded 80s Cat's Eye Sunglasses with awesome tortoiseshell frame and pale to medium tint.

The truly scrumptious Emporio Armani Cat's Eye Sunglasses have contrasting legs in funky metal and are heavily tinted - just what you need to cope with the flashbulbs for that red carpet moment!

And if Charlie's Angels were your faves, you'll love the retro yet sporty look from Miu Miu - the Contrast Layer Cat's Eye Sunglasses in soft brown with dark lenses and a lively white trim on the sides and legs.

Finally, the wonderful Madonna Simple Cats Eye Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana are the ultimate accessory to make your all-important entrance.

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