Know About Designer Inspired Handbags

A lot has been said about designer inspired handbags, from their uniqueness to their impracticality for everyday use. Some also say their price and points of sale are prohibitive for the average working woman. However, others argue that they should be taken as works of art, like paintings or sculptures that are made simply to be admired.


Designer-inspired bags come in many diverse styles and sizes depending on the designer; the message he/she wishes to convey or what he/she envisions the handbag will be used for. Most handbags come with straps, but these can be made to vary in length. Other designer bags are made strapless. Though they may be inconvenient to carry, they give the carrier a unique look. Some designers also choose to embed various jewels in their bags in intricate designs. But others would prefer a less conspicuous styling, doing their styling with deft embroidery, plain steel or printed-on patterns.


When it comes to the fabric, designers choose from a wide array of materials. Leather is the most common material. Whether it is cowhide, lambskin or snakeskin, most ladies see it as a sign of prestige to wear a genuine leather wrist bag. Although leather handbags are the obvious majority, there has been innovative use of other materials in the making of wrist bags. Cotton, silk and jeans material have been used widely to make bags. Synthetic leather has been used even more extensively than real leather to make affordable handbags. Unfortunately a number of unscrupulous retailers have passed these bags as the real thing.

Buying Designer-Inspired Bags

These bags are widely available in clothes stores, department stores and other retailers that sell women’s accessories. There are also many websites that carry these types of handbags, and below is several that you can check out to see what tickles your fancy.

  • Ukhandbags.com
  • Leathershop.co.uk
  • Fashionshop.co.uk

Designer inspired handbags can show off your love of style and fashion trends.

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