Designer handbags made of leather are stylish additions to your outfit

Handbags are a staple piece in any woman’s wardrobe; they are available in various shapes and sizes, every colour thinkable and different patterns. Handbags made from leather are the most durable, but they can be made from other materials such as canvas or plastic.

Clutch handbags are great for when you want to go out in the evening, but do not want to be carrying an oversized handbag. Although they are more associated with formal or special occasions, using a clutch bag is not meant to be a fashion statement. They can typically cost more than a full-size handbag, especially the designer ones like the black Gaufré nappa leather maxi-clutch from Prada. Priced at £1,050, it is available from store.prada.com. Some clutch bags may come with a shoulder strap as an added design feature, but most are small enough to carry in your hand. Clutch handbags can be in any design, like that of Lulu Guinness’s London Taxi Clutch, which is shaped like a taxi. It costs £295 and is available to purchase from luluguinness.com.

A shoulder handbag in leather could easily last you a lifetime. So, investing some extra cash on an expensive bag will pay off in the end. A shoulder bag need not be boring. The designers out there make them look trendy and colourful. For example, the Annie GM handbag in Monogram Multicolore canvas from Louis Vuitton. This bag retails at £1,680 from louisvuitton.com. Shoulder bags need to be practical. They need to be big enough to fit everything you need into them like your mobile phone, personal organiser and even lunch boxes. Shoulder bags in black, navy or brown leather are good colour choices for an everyday office handbag; they will match in with most colours of clothing. A great alternative to the shoulder bag is the top handled bag. A top handled bag adds a little more class to an outfit. For example, the black leather 'Gucci heritage' medium Boston bag, available from gucci.com, selling for £1,280.

The High Street also offers a great choice of handbags made of leather, with some having similar designs to the designer ones, but at a fraction of the price.

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