Incredible designer gloves

Gloves are great accessories for they can give that special look to an outfit while protecting your hands from the elements such as sun, dirt, or cold. There’s even another reason to wear designer gloves and that’s to stay stylish. Designer gloves have better quality with unique designs for a distinct look and truly comfortable feel. Depending on the type of occasion and reasons for wearing hand covers, designer gloves make great investments for that extra touch of eminence.

Our choices

  • Valentino

The Valentino Rock Star Studded Leather Gloves in bright red is so attractive you’ll look every inch as glamorous in your clothes. Light gold pyramid studs adorn the edges of these designer gloves making you look so chic with a stunning black cape for some winter jazz.

  • Miu Miu

For formal affairs, try on the Studded Leather Gloves by Miu Miu. These black leather gloves are adorned with silver and gold studs for that sensational look.

  • Burberry

If you’re thinking of something to complete your metallic outfits, the black Studded Leather Gloves from Burberry are the perfect accessories. Lined in silk and embellished with gold studs, this pair of hand warmers will make you look fabulous.

  • Fendi

Have a look at the gentle yet chic Pom Pom gloves by Fendi. Made from pure wool, it is embellished with the Fendi logo, wrist ties and cute pom poms.

  • Yves Saint Laurent

Don’t forget to check out the goodies from YSL. This pair of black leather gloves is timeless and classic, an investment you won’t regret. The finely crafted leather is well-cut and elegant matching anything in your wardrobe.

  • William Sharp

William Sharp’s Scattered Crystal Waffle Glove looks very stylish with its Swarovski crystal embellishments at the cuffs. It is made from soft, pure cashmere providing the warmth and style you need to let your outfits sparkle.

  • Dents

If you’re craving for all things leather, then Dents’ Cashmere Lined Gloves, Long Leather Gloves, or Brown Silk Lined Leather Gloves are perfect and stylish options. Made from extra soft leather, these gloves are sure to fire up your outfits while providing protection for your hands.

  • Agent Provocateur

You can also go for Agent Provocateur’s Cutout Leather Gloves perfect for driving or a day in town.

Classic accessories

Remember Audrey Hepburn in a black Givenchy gown wearing matching opera gloves or Jackie Kennedy Onassis with above elbow designer gloves? Even Michael Jackson’s jewelled glove attained fame while complementing his glitzy costumes perfectly. No matter what the occasion is, these premium gloves are going to give that alluring look and will dress up your outfits to the hilt.

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