Stylish shoes from Deichmann

If you love shoes, Deichmann is a great option. The shoe giant is found all over Europe and in parts of the US. Deichmann is Europe’s biggest shoe retailer producing roughly 600 new designs each season. From simple to elaborate shoes, Deichmann shoes are sought after by men and women with a discerning taste and style. Deichmann also caters to active lifestyles with their range of sports shoes, clothing and accessories.

The collection

Founded in 1913 by Heinrich Deichmann, the shoe retailer has its headquarters in Essen, Germany. It mainly sells shoes but also offers sports apparel and bags. Started as a family business, it remains true to its original vision of selling comfortable and stylish shoes which are affordable.

  • Philosophy

Employing its own designers, Deichmann produces quality and stylish shoes based on inspirations and innovations collected from fashion centres around the world where the latest trends are observed. The GDS in Dusseldorf and Micam in Milan are important shows and fairs where Deichmann designers get inspirations.

  • Offerings

This year’s collection from Deichmann is a delightful range of fashionable shoes for men, women and children. You’ll find amazing trainers, ballerinas, boots, pumps, and peeptoe shoes in different cuts and designs. Whether you like them simple or outrageous, you’ll find something in the collection to suit your taste. When it comes to accessories, you’ll absolutely love the range of purses and bags offered at Deichmann such as classic bags, rucksacks, travel and gym bags, shopper bags and even wallets.

  • Brands covered

Deichmann works with recognized brands in the shoe and clothing industries. It carries products from Adidas, Ariane, Borelli, Puma, Claudio Conti, U.S. Brass, Fila, Graceland and Victory to name a few. Even the little ones will find something in the collection. Hello Kitty, Handy Manny, Thomas & Friends are also in stock at Deichmann.

Comfort and style at affordable prices

Hence, whether you are looking for killer heels or comfortable trainers, Deichmann stockists will have them for you. The great thing about their footwear brands is they are sold at reasonable prices debunking myths you always have to pay more for top quality and comfort. At Deichmann, you can have both at decent prices.

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