Fancy splashing out on some Degree 7 clothing?

If you are planning a winter ski trip, or maybe one for next Spring, it is worth investing in some quality ski wear by brands such as Degree7 clothing from head to foot and inner to outer to ensure you stay toasty yet comfortable on and off the piste. Degree 7 clothing is considered to be one of the best brands of affordable ski clothing for all ages and abilities and available through many of the specialist ski wear and equipment shops as well as online.

The jackets in particular are amazing: super warm, incredibly stylish yet still lightweight. They have jackets for skiing in, and duvet coats for days and evenings off piste when you need something thicker. Typically Degree 7 clothing is not cheap but the website www.macski.com currently have a sale on with brilliant reductions. A Civetta jacket can be picked up from just £159 instead of its usual price of £299 and a duvet coat from £74.99 instead of £149. They also sell accessories such as gloves, bandeaus and hats with prices starting at £15 for a mask.

Ellis Brigham is an online outlet dedicated to selling mountain and ski clothing, and Degree 7 clothing is amongst the ranges that they stock. They also have some savings on clothing at the moment, in preparation for new stock for the next season. They are currently selling a fantastic ski jacket for women from just £174 instead of £347.

If you are interested in buying Degree 7 clothing for your ski holiday or winter wear this year, you are in luck with all these savings available. You could also try visiting a specialist ski shop such as Snow and Rock in Milton Keynes who will be able to order anything that is not in stock.

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