We look for the best debut ball gowns stockists in the UK

Traditionally the débutante ball was used for young ladies entering womanhood who were now ready for marriage to try to catch the eye of desirable upper class men in order to move their family upwards in social standing, however that tradition was abolished back in 1958 by Queen Elizabeth II, who deemed it too old fashioned a ceremony to continue with in any official capacity.

These days the débutante ball, or debs as many people call it, is still a coming of age ceremony, but one which applies to many school leavers across the UK and Ireland celebrating the completion of their final year in secondary education. Traditionally the débutante ball takes place between the end of the school year and the beginning of college/university, although this can depend on the school in question.

For many girls, this is the perfect opportunity to show off their fashion sense, and every year tens of thousands of debut ball gowns are sold by stockists throughout the United Kingdom.

With many people on much tighter budgets than they have been in recent years, it is now more important than ever to find the best dress retailer who can offer quality at the right price, and while that search can be laborious, it's certainly made a little easier by the arrival of safe and easy online shopping.

With a huge range of styles on offer for a variety of budgets, www.promdress.co.uk stands out from the bunch. With more than 2,000 photographs of their dress stock available on their website and countless helpful articles and contacts to make your debs memorable, they are undoubtedly the go to resource for all things débutante ball related. Check them out today for the latest styles and prices.

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