debs dresses uk - how much can you expect to pay?

Debs dresses UK retailers have a vast array of online catalogues that you can look through. Whether its a ballerina dress or full length gown that you're thinking of investing in, it's only a click away.

The amount you can expect to spend will vary but if you're not strictly on a budget then having a look at the selection on cargoclothing.com might be a good starting point. Their dresses start from around £285 and go right up to £595. The reason that these gowns are high in price is because they are genuine designer creations from names such as Pia Michi and Sherri Hill.

For £350 you could buy a one shouldered fishtail gown by Tiffany. Hot pink in colour and extremely eye catching, this dress is available only in sizes 8 and 12. For £285, you could be dressed by Pia Michi in a black jersey and beaded gown that's available in various sizes and some other colours.

If you're looking for a designer gown that has free delivery within the UK then Tiza.co.uk is the site for you. Once again this site features designers such as Sherri Hill and La Femme and the selection is mind boggling!

Redcarpetgowns.co.uk not only has beautiful prom dresses available but also a clearance section where there are dresses in limited sizes retailing at considerably less than their original price. For example, currently there is a full length royal blue gown that has a ruched bodice, jewel detail to the neckline and features a corset lace up back detail for only £120. This dress is only available in a size 18 however.

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