Dear David - call us

Poor old David Gandy. He may be one of the most attractive men ever to have graced the earth but it seems his looks have not helped the 30 year-old Essex boy with the ladies. He tells the Sunday Telegraph: ‘I'm not confident with women. I'm better than I was, but that's not saying much. As a child I was pretty shy, and I'm not sure you ever lose that. It's only in the last couple of years that I've been confident enough to go up and talk to a girl.’

It’s a surprising statement from a man who is pretty much single-handedly responsible for bringing the muscle-hunk look back into fashion. In an industry previously obsessed with the skinny-boy silhouette, David says he had a hard time when he started his career: ‘Very early on I went to a casting for Dior and they asked me to try on a suit. I couldn't even get one leg into the trousers, let alone put the jacket on. All the models were standing round going, 'Hey, who's the big guy?' There was quite an unpleasant atmosphere there, quite intimidating. I remember thinking, 'Are these guys appealing?' They certainly weren't appealing to me.’

David can currently be seen as a 50ft high billboard posing in his underwear for D&G in New York’s Time Square. He lives in London and, at the time of writing, is single. Send flowers, chocolates, declarations of undying love etc to: David Gandy, Fulham. Fate will do the rest.

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