The best David Beckham fashion adverts

David Beckham, the 37-year old English footballer is not only known for his successful sports career. According to Forbes magazine, he is the 8th highest paid athlete in the world with an estimated income of £37 million in 2012. Most of Beckham’s income is derived from playing the sport, but another lucrative source is advertising. David Beckham adverts have brought him hefty contracts worth £13.3 million in 2011 alone.

Campaign ads and others

David Beckham adverts include posing for brands such as Armani, Burger King, Sainsbury’s, Samsung and Pepsi. He and wife Victoria also signed a deal with Swedish retailer giant H&M for a line of clothes and perfume. Beckham also appeared on print and video ads promoting underwear for the store.

  • David Beckham Bodywear for H&M (2013)

His latest commercial directed by British Guy Ritchie features the David Beckham Bodywear for H&M. David is seen running all over LA in his underwear and slippers chasing after his terry robe which was caught in a car.

  • David Victoria Beckham Backstage for Emporio Armani Underwear (2010)

David and Victoria were seen in this commercial posing in alluring shots. With sexy music in the background, the 1 minute and 25 seconds ad featured underwear from the high-end brand.

  • Adidas (2003)

In this ad, David Beckham was joined by Johnny Wilkinson, an English rugby union player. This was a simple commercial featuring 2 sportsmen showing each other how they play their respective games. Before the video ended, Beckham asked if he can have one of Wilkinson's shirts.

  • Pepsi (2002)

This ad is not fashion related but it just shows how versatile Beckham is when it comes to endorsing products. Everyone must remember the epic Mean Joe Green ad of Coca-cola for the Super Bowl. In that 1979 commercial, Joe went back to the dressing room and was offered a bottle of Coke by a young fan. The usually stoic footballer was touched by the thoughtful gesture and in return threw his jersey at the boy. Imagine Beckham as Green in an advert for Pepsi. On his way to the dressing room, he asks a young fan if he could take a sip from the boy’s can of Pepsi. He gave back the drink and the boy asks if he could have his shirt. The boy uses it to wipe the mouth of the can and gives back the shirt to a dumbfounded Beckham.

Staying power

Yes, 'Goldenballs' has proven that not only can he play football, his image is as solid as rock. Even if his sports career is approaching its end (he recently signed on to play for Paris Saint-Germain), he has staying power when it comes to endorsements and sponsorships. No doubt David Beckham adverts will be remembered in history. He can be fashionable, funny, serious or simply sexy.

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