Dare 2 Be Ski Wear - all you need to know!

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With a lot of snow and ski gear currently on sale, now is the best time to get a good deal. Read on for useful information on Dare 2 Be ski wear.

Dare 2 Be

Dare 2 Be specialise in high quality outdoor adventure gear. They have two advanced ranges called Altitude and Attitude that provide clothing almost every outdoor sport including snowboarding and skiing.  Whether you are an experienced skier or are just starting out Dare 2 Be have the right ski gear for you.

Ski Wear

Dare 2 Be are having an online sale at the minute to clear out their snow and winter stock and there are some excellent savings to be made. For men there is a Fly Wonder Promo Suit that is reduced from £125 to just £37.50. The suit is made from a waterproof and breathable coated polyester fabric with a water repellent finish. Ski pants range from £15 to £25 and there are jackets ranging from £18 to £30. They have a range of Beanie hats for under £5. For women they also have a Fly Wonder Suit and again the price is reduced to £37.50. The sizes available range from 14 - 20. A thermal base layer top costs £5.40 and thermal leggings are just £4.50.

Where to get it

To get Dare 2 Be ski wear the best place to start is their website www.dare2be.com. This website currently has a snow clearance sale with up to 70% off some products. All major ski and outdoor activities high street shops will also supply this gear. This includes Snow and Rock and Millets.

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