Dansport Dance Shoes: So You Want To Dance

Whilst some of you this year will be plastered in front of the TV watching Strictly Come Dancing, others of you will actually be doing your own moves. Dance classes have popped up all over the UK offering everything from elegant ballroom dancing to hot Latin moves to get your groove on. But if you are going to look good dancing, you need the right Dansport Dance shoes to go with the new moves you are learning.

Choose Your Dancing Shoes

Dansport dance shoes offer good quality at affordable prices for those learning and experienced dancers. There is a limit to the materials and the heel they used, but that is so they can offer good quality at prices everyone can afford.

Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Dansport dance shoes offer four lovely ballroom shoe styles. All come with the flared heel necessary to provide comfort and stability in a heeled shoe and in classic designs. Three designs come with straps – horizontal strap, T-strap, or diagonal strap – and one comes strapless for a classic look.

Latin Dance Shoes

The Latin collection is a bit more stylish and trendier than the ballroom, but offers the same quality and comfort as other Dansport dance shoes. Here you can choose from the foot strap or the ankle strap in varying designs as well single or double-strapped.

Social Dance Shoes

Dansport dance shoes are not just for dancing. Their social line offers stylish dance shoes that are perfect for any occasion.

The Social collection comes in four chic designs and the heels are slightly shorter, but still carry the flared heel for stability. This collection looks perfect with dresses or pants suits and goes from the office to the dance floor easily.

Where to Find

If you cannot find Dansport dance shoes at your local boutiques, turn to the internet. You can find your favourite Dansport dance shoes at Thedanceshack.co.uk and at Dancesport.uk.com as well as a variety of other dance shoes to try out.


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