Dannii's hand-me-downs

Dannii Minogue is on a one-woman quest to change the world, and not just with Matt Cardle’s dulcet tones. In a recent interview for Glamour magazine she preached about the virtues of clothes-sharing, explaining that she believes it’s important to recycle fashion.

She said: ‘It's important for beautiful clothes to keep moving. When I've exhausted a piece, it's loaned to friends or given away. Our good friend the author Kathy Lette, has a daughter we adore and everything from basic denims to designer garments from my wardrobe and Kylie's are dropped off when we visit. The Dolce & Gabbanas, I hear, go to all the cool parties, as every girl in the street books them in for a 'dress date.'

She says styles should be passed on, and regularly swaps clothes with her sister Kylie and their mum: ‘Recycling is in fashion and fashion is in recycling, whether it is referencing style or, in our case, passing on the actual item… Kylie, Mum and I have different styles, but we're similar in size and there are lots of items we all like. We can easily buy for each other and often share clothes. Some are agreed upon, and some are just 'borrowed' before we've thought to ask whether it's OK.’

Dannii – we loved your outfits on this season’s X Factor, fancy throwing a few our way?

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