Dannii's got the chic-factor

For us, X Factor has always been less about the music and more about the style. From the triumphs and disasters of the acts themselves (note to Diva Fever: please don’t ever wear those glittery suits and spandex shorts again) to the now obligatory fash-off between judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole.

Last year Cheryl seemed to lead in the style stakes, introducing a seemingly endless list of design talent to millions of viewers each week. This year, however, the Mirror has decreed that Dannii has consistently out-outfitted Cheryl, making Ms Minogue the show’s new style queen. The paper reckons that Dannii’s choices of white J'Aton Couture fitted devore shift dress and floor length Victoria Beckham number have earned her top marks whilst Cheryl has drifted behind, playing it safe in black, and with a decidedly peculiar new hair do.

According to the Mirror, Dannii doesn’t even have a stylist, whereas Cheryl has two. As the battle continues, we are waiting with baited breath to see what the fearsome twosome will unveil. Will Dannii continue her ascent to fashion heaven? Is all this speculation about rivalry merely an attempt to fill column inches? Is Cheryl still being punished for Gamu-gate? Stay tuned, folks…

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