The Daisy Hair clip

Every one is going crazy for the old fashioned daisy hair clip this summer. We take a look at teh best online stores for getting your very own peice of flower power fashion.

The best place to start your hunt as usual is the ever-reliable www.ebay.co.uk. Prices for beautiful daisy hairclips on ebay start as low as £2 and come in a stunning aray of colours. Many of the clips are actually interchangable and come with 5 coloured daisys so you can have a different colour for every day.

When buying your daisy hair clip off eBay make sure you check the sellers reviews and order in bulk to save on shipping costs.

If you want a more unique Daisy hairclip head over to www.kathleenskloset.ca for very reasonable prices on handcrafted unique daisy hair clips. Being based in Canada shipping will be quite high but it is worth it for that authentic handmade product. Each of Kathleen's hair clips come with a crocodile clip on the back so you can wear it with a headband also if you like.

Where ever you end up getting your beautiful summer daisy hair clip. you can be sure that you will turn heads as you walk down the high street with the great eye-catching colours available and the classic fashionable look that people will love. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about where you got your hair clip though as many people will see yours and want to get their own.

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