Daisy dives in to fashion design

Daisy Lowe is set to follow in her mother's footsteps by creating a collection for high street store Peacocks. Daisy is taking inspiration from the French Riviera for her debut swimwear line, which will include swimsuits, shorts and bikinis starting at £18. The low price is important to her, she tells Vogue:

'It was important from the start that my designs were accessible so my friends could afford them, which is why we've kept the collection under £18. I've sought inspiration from the things I love, family holidays in Europe, iconic fifties pin-ups and classic vintage shapes. My mum is my style icon and it was great growing up and having access to her closet. I'm so pleased I now have my own collection to wear and share with my friends instead of nagging my mum for hers.'

Pearl Lowe, Daisy's mother and designer of five previous Peacocks collections, has enjoyed enormous success with the brand and is proud of Daisy following her footsteps: 'I'm so proud of Daisy's collection, whatever she puts her hand to she turns into a success and I can't wait to see her designs come to life this summer. Together we are proud to be bringing classy vintage fashion to the high street at affordable prices.'

No images of Daisy's collection have been released yet but we're excited to see the results. Will it live up to the hype of Pearl's £35 must-have dress last year?

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