Choosing A Curling Wand Like A Pro

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Although hair strengtheners are here to stay, that does not mean it is time to give up on the curling wands! Curls are back in a softer, bigger, and more relaxed way. But before you head out the door to grab a new one for yourself, ask yourself if you really know what to look for in a curling wand? If not, read on to find out how the right curling wands can produce soft, shiny curls without damaging your hair.

Know Your Types

There are three types of curling wands available on the market today – Marcel, spring-loaded, no clamps, and speciality irons.

Marcel–There is no spring-loaded clamp to trap and hold the hair down; instead, they must be held shut.

Spring-loaded–The clamp is spring loaded so it holds the hair tightly to make styling easier.

No clamp– Instead of trapping the hair under a clamp and then rolling the wand, you take the hair, wrap it around the wand, and hold hair end until ready.

Know Your Barrels

Not all curling wand barrels are equal. The cheapest curling wands are generally made with chrome or metal. Unfortunately, chrome or metal is the worst thing to use on the hair. Teflon, ceramic and tourmaline are the most popular and the safest for hair today.

Teflon wands distribute the heat evenly along the length of the barrel and eliminate frizz to create soft, bouncy curls.

Ceramic wands also eliminate frizz to create silky, shiny curls.

Tourmaline wands create a smooth, shiny curl by neutralizing the hair’s positive charge with negative ions.

Know Your Size

Curling wands come in sizes as small as 3/8” in diameter to as big as 2” in diameter. Choosing the right barrel size depends upon the length of your hair (a 2” barrel is not going to work on short hair).

Remember, the bigger the barrel, the bigger and looser the curls. On the other hand, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls. Sometimes it just comes down to what kind of curls you are looking to create.

Know Your Brands

When you know what you want, make sure you buy a brand with a professional reputation. Try the Babyliss Essentials Pro Curl Ceramic Curling tong at Argos.co.uk for just £14.99 or the Remington Pearl Curling Wand on Amazon.co.uk for £20.25, a savings of £5.74 off retail price.


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