Fun and Flirty Crystal Hair Pins

Hair pins have been around for a long time and they serve a wonderful purpose of keeping hair neat, but it you want something that is a bit decorative, then crystal hair pins will certainly fit the bill. Rather than just holding hair in place, hair pins with a bit of flash can make your hairstyle fun and flirty.

Where to Look

There are many places to find pretty things for hair. Places that sell accessories such as necklaces and earrings, also sell accessories for the hair. It used to be that fun hair accessories were only for little girls, but big girls are getting in on the action now.

If you want a big selection to look through, go to the Internet and check out the offerings there. Try turquiosewedding.co.uk, crystal-jewels.co.uk, glitzysecrets.com, Chezbec.com, crystalprincess.co.uk and the trusty Amazon.com and eBay.

What is Available

Most anything you can imagine, you’ll find it on a crystal hair pin. Flowers made of gemstones, butterflies, dragonflies, Mickey Mouse, hearts, dragons swirls, leaves, bow shapes, kisses, dogs, cats, birds and many more will be found on the top of a hair pin. These are not your grandmother’s hair pins that were black, boring and meant to be hidden.

These can be fun for a day out with friends going to the cinema, or for a night on the town. For very special occasions, you can put your hair up and sprinkle them throughout your hair for a fairy-tale look.

How Much They Cost

Hair pins are generally very inexpensive. You can find packages of 10 clear Swarovski crystal hair pins for only £1.99 and some really cute Mickey Mouse aurora borealis pins for £0.99 each. If you are looking for something sparkly and classy you can find Diamante hair pins in a set of 3 for £18 or some that are bespoke for as little as £2.00 each. Crystal hair pins can add fun or glamour to your hairstyle whenever you’re in the mood to add a little something extra.

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