Cruise control

If you've already got a gazillion Burberry macs hanging out in your wardrobe, but still have dosh to spend on more expensive designer clothing, what's a fashion type to do? Buy cruise clobber, that's what. In laymen speak, this is the highly pricey collection that designers launch pre-season, and which was originally designed for jet-setters and cruisers who needed glamorous summer attire in the winter months, or vice versa.

Christopher told Vogue, 'The consumer is constantly looking to be excited and inspired when they walk into the store - and this is why we develop several capsule collections in between the main seasonal collections. Customers really always want newness which is where the concept of the Cruise collections originally started.'

Bailey continued in his fashion biz speak, 'The pre-collection crystallises our statement for the season and is very much the indicator for the mood, look and feel of it. They are not designed to be separate collections, more like a preview of what's to come.' Nope, still can't afford it...

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