Finding the perfect Cruella de Ville fancy dress costume this Halloween

Let’s face it – there are few things scarier than a lady who is intent on killing a hundred and one puppies for the sake of making a fur coat. So working a Cruella de Ville fancy dress costume is the perfect choice for your ‘scary outfit’ with a difference this Halloween!

The beauty of dressing as Cruella de Ville is that you don’t have to ‘ugly up’ your outfit to look frightening – in fact, you can work this look to create a flattering outfit which doesn’t swamp your figure or necessitate blood on your face to look scary – perfect if you are looking to impress a certain someone at that all-important Halloween party!  Another benefit to this look is that you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like, the only limit is your imagination!

For some great ideas for your Cruella de Ville fancy dress costume, try searching online. A classic take on the Cruella de Ville outfit is provided on the Play website – www.play.com – which offers a velour dress with Dalmatian spot trim and spot collar for just £27.99 with free delivery.  Note this look doesn’t include accessories so you will need to work your imagination – and possibly some local charity shops on the high street! – to complete the look.

Another website you might like to try is Escapade – escapade.co.uk. A great option for Cruella de Ville fancy dress costumes which may surprise you is Amazon – www.amazon.co.uk. Not just for books(!), Amazon has a great selection of both used and new party outfits that may be just up your street. This site is also fantastic to add the perfect finishing touches to your Cruella look with the right accessories, for example classic cigarette holders, Dalmatian-print elbow length gloves (for just £3.88) and a black and white wig for just £6.99.

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