Cruciani bracelets: this year's must have accessory

The Cruciani brand was created by Luca Caprai in 1992 with the particular intention to convey his values and family culture via a message of excellence. The Italian’s vision for the brand underpins his business model, which is to produce collections that meet the needs and demands of all markets while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship.

Cruciani products

A Cruciani product is made entirely in Italy and represents only the best of a traditional heritage that is constantly evolving. Around the world, Cruciani products are known to be distinctive and different. The mere mention of Crucianin evokes a cosmopolitan attitude with a perceivable breeze of elegance and a universal quality of truly timeless designs.

Every Cruciani product is different, distinctive and coveys a series of predetermined, perceivable values. Cruciani bracelets, this year's must have accessory, epitomise these sensibilities.

Cruciani bracelets

Cruciani bracelets feature a four leaves clover design that was born from Caprai’s desire to reconnect the brand with the younger customers. The iconic bracelets are available in a bunch of limited editions dedicated and targeted at specific markets. The dragon Crucianin bracelets, for example, are targeted at the Chinese New Year while the special set of key and lock design and the hearts are designed for Valentine’s Day. The Cruciani bracelet with shamrocks is yet another highly unique accessory of worship.


Cruciani products are distributed throughout the world in wholesale through select multi-brand department and point-of-sale stores. There are presently over 400 select multi-brand stores selling Cruciani collections around the world, including the renowned Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Isetan in Tokyo and Mercury in Moscow. You are among the lucky few savvy fashion enthusiasts, if you own the unique, elegant and highly fashionable Crucianin bracelets.

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