We welcome the return of the crocodile hair clip

  • picnik

The crocodile hair clip is back in vogue. It is a godsend for those days when you just haven't the time to spend hours on your hair and just want to put it up and out of the way in a variety of styles.

Easy to use and easy to keep in your bag, the crocodile hair clip comes in many colours, sizes and designs and is widely available from High Street shops to designer outlets. It is very easy to find a crocodile hair clip in any High Street shop or department store which has a hair or accessories section. From Boots to John Lewis, there is a wide selection of clips, generally made from plastic and in a variety of colours allowing the wearer to coordinate their hair style with their outfit. They come in several sizes, right down to tiny clips  that can be worn to secure just a small section of hair. There are also bridal ranges of hair accessories that include tiny or larger crocodile clips, often decorated with crystals, pearls or silk flowers.

Prices start from as little as £1.50 for a single clip, and can be as cheap as £5 for a pack of four clips. You may find that prices are slightly higher in department stores or for more robust clips designed to be more hard wearing but in general, the crocodile hair clip is a very affordable accessory making it possible to buy clips in a variety of colours to match to different outfits.

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