Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani.

We were a little disappointed to hear that Cristiano Ronaldo had taken over from Becks as the man in the pants for Armani. Alright a lot. Becks trussed up in the skimpy attire made us celebrate the sexualistation of men in advertising like never before. (Remember the screams when the giant billboards of him came down across the world?)

But while Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't exactly fill Goldenballs' pants, he'll make a good understudy. According to the hype, the make-up folk at Armani have toned down the oily Euro schmoozer look and turned Chrissy into something resembling a Mediterranean style-god. His abs are smooth shiny walnuts. His Adam's apple is under control. And the pants? Erm, they'll make excellent Christmas presents for the boys.

In other Armani news, Megan Fox will be replacing Victoria Beckham as the female face of Armani underwear. Noone pouts like Vicky, and if you ask us, Megan's a wee bit haughty to do the role justice. That said, she'll look amazing. Snaps will be here just as soon as they're taken....

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