Crew Clothing Review

Spring has officially arrived which means the heavy winter clothes can be packed away and the spring clothes can be found, washed, and ready to wear. But for those looking at their spring clothes and notice that they might want to update their selection a bit, why not check out the Crew Clothing Company. They offer stylish and smart looking casual wear for men, women, and children.

The Shopping Experience

Crew Clothing Company currently has 60 store locations and sells through their catalogues and online website, www.crewclothing.co.uk.

Their website is extremely clean and user friendly. You can easily navigate through the site which allows you to filter your search, and review FAQ that cover questions such as delivery inquiries, postage fees, payment questions, returns/exchanges, and other questions customers may have.

Crew Clothing Company offers Mens, Womens and Childrens clothing products that have a seaside soft look to them. They are practical and trendy, but they may not be for everyone. The top quality cotton and linens come at a dear price.

Their most recent summer collection for women combines the classic navy with the clean white and soft pink hue. There are splashes of brighter blue and pink colours throughout the collection leaving the customer a variety of outfits to choose from. The mens summer collection have brought back the Classic Gingham Shirt in various fresh colors along with clean navy and pink polo shirts and the classic tees.

Thankfully there are warehouse sales that happen around the country throughout the year. If you can manage to go to one, you can get up to 80% off some of the items. Check out their websites for updates on where and when these sales are happening.

There are many positive reviews about the quick delivery, proper fit, accurate colors, friendly customer service, and efficiency in making returns and exchanges.

Some of the complaints were about the random online security check and late delivery, but they were few and far between in comparison to the positive reviews.

Great For Some

Crew Clothing Company sponsors the English Polo Team and has a very specific clientele. Their products consist of quality and longevity, but unfortunately the price that accompanies that is rather dear. It is worth checking out their online and warehouse sales though if you don't mind having last seasons styles.

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