Create your own cheap Wild West fancy dress look

Go out with a bang by dressing as a gunslinger at your next costume party. No money? No problem. Most of the items required to create a cheap wild west fancy dress are inexpensive or already in your wardrobe. This costume is perhaps one of the easiest and most inexpensive to create.

Do you daydream about upholding the law in a lawless land? Go as a sheriff. Measure for Measure offers a sheriff's badge for £1.69, a western bandanna for £2.09, a bootlace tie (commonly known in the American West as a bolo) for £3.40, an Old West waistcoat for £18.99, and a fake gun holster for £12.98. Additionally, you can complete the look with boot spurs for only £2.98 a pair. Of course, you don't have to purchase the waistcoat or the holster to still look like the sheriff. You can find more Old West fancy dress items at the retailer's website here: http://www.measureformeasure.co.uk/Wild-West-Fancy-Dress-Accessories-7967

Really, all you need is a cowboy hat, a worn shirt, a pair of denim pants and you're ready to go. Fancy Dress Outfitters has several styles, ranging in price from £2.67 for a woman's glitter hat, to £11.07 for a men's felt cowboy hat. They even have children's western fancy dress hats so the whole family can go as Wild West wranglers! Check out the offerings here: http://www.fancydressoutfitters.co.uk/wigs-accessories/hats-headwear?pagenumber=4

We've not forgotten the ladies, and you've got even more options. Go as a saloon girl. Party Doman has a lovely black and saloon girl fancy dress that comes with a top, skirt and headpiece. If you're not keen on paying the £16.19 for this outfit, consider the clothing you already own. Do you have a full skirt? Have you got a front-lace bodice top and a pair of heeled ankle boots? If so, all you need is a feathered head piece, a pair of fishnet tights and a garter belt and you're ready to go! If you don't own these, you can purchase the dress at http://www.partydomain.co.uk/Saloon-Girl-Fancy-Dress-Costume-2.html.

The 1970s was a decade of renewed interest in the Earth, and as a result, fashion had a distinct vintage feel to it. If you can, check out your local vintage clothing shops for prairie dresses. If you've no luck at the shops, you might have some luck on Etsy UK. A great example of an 1800s-inspire prairie dress can be found here:http://etsy.me/qOpQF6

No matter what kind of Old West style you want, you should feel comfortable wearing it, but most importantly, have fun with it!

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