Create dazzling red carpet looks at home

Every award season brings out the celebrities with their red carpet looks and dazzling outfits, leaving many to wonder why they don’t look that fabulous when they step out. Despite the fact that these stars have an entourage of hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists fawning over them, the red carpet looks are easier than you think. With the right makeup and hair, you can turn up at your next formal event looking like you just stepped off the red carpet and dazzle the night away.

How to get the look

It all starts with the right outfit. Once you have picked out the perfect dress or pants suit, it is time to focus on the right makeup and hairdo to go with it.

Shimmery eyes

Choose creamy eye shadows in natural hues with just a hint of shimmer like a metallic cream eye shadow. This highlights the eyes without putting heavy colour on them to take away from the rest of the face

An old Hollywood trick to make the eyes look bigger and more alert is with sparkling bright eyeliner. Take the eyeliner pencil and draw a circle into the inside corner of the eyes to make them appear brighter and larger.

Delicate cheeks

Red carpet looks are light and shimmery, highlighting with just the right hint of colour. For the cheeks, rub a creamy blush just on the apples to create a delicate flush of colour.

Luscious lips

Lips should not be the focus with a red carpet look. Try layers of colours in different shades of pinks that are soft. If you have large lips, stick with matte lipstick and leave the glossy lipsticks for those with smaller lips.

Glowing bronzer

For the red carpet glow, bronzer is crucial. Highlight from the temples to the top of the cheekbones very sparingly with your favourite bronzer to create a glowing finish.

Fabulous hair

Adorn and embellish your hairdo with feathers, decorative pins, diamante barrettes or multiple headbands to create stunning looks.

For short hair, create fullness with waves, curls and simple accessories. Multiple headbands in metallic colours look great on short hairdos.

For long locks, consider a high ponytail with volume, a messy bohemian bun at the nape or a side swept part adorned with long shimmering earrings.

Practice makes perfect red carpet looks

Practice your makeup a few days in advance so that you are an expert by the time the big night arrives. Play around with different colours for eye shadows and different hairstyles. Red carpet looks are all about feeling as good as you look. If you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable. So grab the brush and makeup bag and start playing with different looks now, you’ll be glad you did when you are the centre of attention on your next night out.

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