Cream snow boots - maybe not practical but definitely pretty!

Cream snow boots might not be the most practical item of footwear for the winter but it's definitely on top of the style charts! Cream boots will match almost every piece of winter clothing that you possess but wearing them through mucky slush just might diminish their glow!

Sites such as Twenga.co.uk will give you a good idea of what's available and how much you might expect to pay. Many snow boots are by designers or sports brands so they can be quite pricey but this site offers a wide variety of both styles and prices so you're sure to find something to suit. While cream bovine skin boots by Tecnica will set you back a cool £80 there is also boots by Grand Nord in an off white colour that cost a more budget friendly £32.90 and even an option to buy Italian snow boots in white/ cream for only £21.99 so it really does pay to shop around.

Nextag.co.uk is another price comparison website that's well worth a look. Here you will find pages of snow boots along with their stockists and any related postage charges.  DC chalet boots in cream with pink detailing are on sale here from Very for £82 or £85.50 with delivery. The sellers on this site are star rated so you know the trusted sites to shop with. Also in stock from Very are the beautiful Alaska snow boots that will cost you £43.50 which includes delivery.

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