Crazy Contact Lenses

Tiger, vampire, zombie you name it, you can get it in crazy contact lens form. While not reccomended for everyday use they make a great addition to any halloween costume, will make a costume look more authentic and and are an absolute must for freaking out younger trick and treaters.

If you shop in the right places too you can get your crazy contact lenses for as little as £20. A quick search on the popular auction site www.ebay.co.uk brings up hundreds of great looking contact lenses all for low low prices (between £20 and £40).

Of course if you are looking for something of a little better quality than your typical ebay fare then head to www.fxeyes.com. FX eyes are without a doubt the premier crazy lens location on the web. Here you can get a multitude of lenses in any desig you can think of. The quality is superior aswell, fx eyes come with a gaurentee so they are built to last.

Naturally their price reflects their quality and starting at £120 they are significantly more expensive. Its up to you to decide if the quality is worth the extra cash.

Whatever lenses you decide on you can be sure that you will be the star of any halloween party this year with your dazzling new eyes! All that is left now is to make sure you have enough packages of sweets to satisfy all the trick or treaters on the big night!

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