Couture culture

We like a good coffee table book here at FashionJunkie. Not only do they send out a message of extreme cultured-ness, they can also have a multitude of uses from propping open doors to enhancing posture (when balanced on the head, finishing-school-style).

We are therefore very excited about a new book due created by Harrords with photographer Rankin, which looks at the influences of some of the fashion industry’s leading designers. Designers including Paul Smith, Erdem and Roland Mouret have been interviewed about their work, and photographed by Rankin, for the book which will be released on October 14th, writes Vogue.

The book will retail for £40, which is a bit of a snip if you use it as intended but really quite expensive if you treat it as a drinks coaster. Maybe we should rethink our earlier remarks about coffee table books …

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