Could you be the new face of Benetton?

Have you often lain awake dreaming of the day that Mario Testino plucks you off the No 12 bus to Peckham and plunges you into a world of riches, champagne, Chanel dresses and bitchy remarks passed off as witty reparte? Bien sur? Well today's your lucky day, (though the dream might fall a little flat on the first criteria.)

Benetton has launched a worldwide search for the next faces of the brand. However, those that make the last 100 will be paid in...Benetton vouchers. Yes, lots of woolly jumpers in primary colours could be yours. The company explain their vision:

'We're looking for something different, something unconventional, something surprising. Maybe it's you. Whoever you are, wherever you are, be inspired and get ready for an adventure.'

If you think you could make the grade, and are sufficiently 'unconventional' and 'surprising', go to Benetton.com after February 8th to create your 'lookbook'. Just don't blame us if a life of indolent wealth doesn't immediately follow...

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