Could Anna Wintour be the next ambassador to the UK

p> So the rumour mill is running especially hot this week on the news that Vogue editor and iconic woman, Anna Wintour is being considered for the post of ambassador to either our fair UK shores or to France.

It’s not quite as ridiculous as it may appear on first perusal. The Americans take quite a casual attitude toward ambassadorships appointed to firm allies, and unlike say the UK which has an army of lifetime civil servants who have ascended the ranks of the Foreign Office, Washington tends to view the position as largely honorary. London is obviously a very different kettle of Ferrero Rocher to say Kabul or Tel Aviv and judging by the recent roll call of investment bankers who have landed a role in the UK, Ms Wintour would certainly not be out of her depth.

The main qualification to be American Ambassador to the Court of St James does seem to be fundraising for the President. Barack Obama is also said to be considering campaign finance chairman Matthew Barzun and investment banker Marc Lasry for diplomatic appointments. All of them raised at least $500,000 for his recent campaign and it seems that the time for those investments to mature is now.

Anna Wintour may well be in a league of her own on the finance front however. She was one of Obama's highest profile fundraisers this election, helping design and promote a fashion line that earned his campaign $40 million. She also hosted a $40,000-a-plate fundraiser with actress Sarah Jessica Parker in June, and a $35,000-a-plate fête with Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinsteinin August. And none of this includes the impact of having such a tastemaker so wholeheartedly and publicly behind one candidate.

It would be hugely refreshing to see her take the post. Whatever one may think of her suitability for the role, at least she is not yet another white middle aged man you couldn’t pick out from a crowd if you tried. And she’s born in the UK. But will she pay the congestion charge?

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