Coug's a lucky boy?

Ladies 'd'un certain age' are now buying racy, red lingerie by the bucketload, and it's all thanks to the rise of the cougar(TM). Our own dear M&S has of course got in there first to claim the credit.

Frances Russell, the director of lingerie boasted: 'We launched the Portfolio lingerie brand this season because there was a clear demand for sexy, flattering underwear for the 45 plus market. The range has proved to be a clear favourite with this kind of customer. We have recently introduced sexier shapes such as the cheeky Brazilian knicker, and that is selling particularly well. A bright red lacy lingerie set has also been hugely popular'

A couple of comments, if we may: first, who came up with the bright idea of naming a lingerie range 'portfolio'. Jeez, why not call it 'filofax'? What on earth is sexy about a portfolio? Secondly, please don't call underwear 'cheeky'. Especially if you work in middle management at Marks and Spencers.

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