Costume Institute Gala : Anna Wintour frock shock

Does the editor of Vogue have a moral responsiblity to dress at least a little bit not like a turkey? This is the burning question of the day - and one which Anna Wintour certainly thinks not.

The Editor of US Vogue bowled up to the Costume Institute Gala (New York fashion event of the century) looking like a cross between the Snow Queen from Chronicles of Narnia and a tube of crumpled  tin foil.

Stateside bloggers are already billing the ghastly frock as one of the worst ever seen on an so called industry insider. Heads could roll.

Posh on the other hand slunk up, Dave on one arm a sharpened stake in the other - a heady whiff of Dracula on a night out wafting all around.

Isn't fashion a nightmare.

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