COS for timeless fashion and styles

Collection of Style or COS for short is a Swedish fashion brand offering top quality clothes for men and women at reasonable prices. COS stores stock clothes covering the four seasons with a strict adherence to detail and fine finishings. Because of the success of the concept, COS stores are now open in several European countries and overseas.

Getting to know COS

The COS brand was launched in 2007 in a flagship store on Regent Street, London designed by the highly acclaimed William Russell. With such a resounding success, it has now over 40 stores in Europe, Asia,and the Middle East. Certainly, being a brand of the popular H&M retail group helped carved its niche among lovers of inexpensive, high quality, ready to wear clothing.


Collection of Style provides a convenient place for people who like classic pieces. The range of garments offered by COS includes outerwear such as wool coats, trendy jackets, and snappy blazers. Basics like shirts, V-necks, jumpers and blouses are also available in delightful designs as well as elegant shoes.

COS style

COS veers away from fickle styles that are good for a current season, and instead, focuses on traditional pieces lasting through time and fashion trends.

Colours are predominantly shades of black, beige, brown and white, interspersed with burst of lively colours now and then. Mono shades make those pieces of clothing stand out for any occasion. Take an elegant ensemble of a woolly dress shirt, topped by a bonded blazer and finished with straight-cut trousers, an outfit fit for the boardroom or for a night out.


COS promises and delivers outstanding and premium quality clothing at affordable prices. It sources its materials for garments and shoes from independent suppliers in Europe and overseas. Strict quality control ensures garments and accessories are sturdy withstanding tear and wear and countless washings in the machine. Definitely, a good investment to our minds.

Classic pieces are always in demand

COS scored a winner by offering timeless and classic pieces of clothing with a modern look. The biggest advantage is that these clothes defy seasons making sure you can wear them through years without feeling like you stepped out of the vintage era. Plus, the prices are reasonable for high street fashion making them good buys. High fashion need not be that expensive and unreachable anymore with COS clothing.

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