Cool hipster clothing brands for men and women

You can't judge a book by its cover, but you can more then certainly recognize a hipster by its clothing. That's right, this highly unclassifiable and almost omni-comprehensive urban being is pretty much defined by its appearance, and like many a subculture before them, hipsters recognize and acknowledge each other mostly thanks to what they wear. Here are some hipster clothes brands cool as ice, just in case.


Band of Outsider

Band of Outsider is a 10 years old Los Angeles based clothing label that started off with menswear in vintage fabrics, before launching in 2008 a women line largely based on its menswear style.Famous for putting a rebel twist in the classic American style, the brand quickly developed a cult following. Available at ASOS, Net-a-Porter and my-wordrobe.com often with heavily discounted pricetags. Prices for sweatshirt, tees and blouses are well above average, even in the sale, while some trousers and jeans can come down pretty affordable when on promotion.


At the other end of the spectrum of hipster clothes brands is Vans, a label worldwide famous mostly thanks to its tradition of skating shoes. Established in 1966, the label became big in the 80s and still bear that American vintage flavour hipsters like so much. Although they may not always be skate fans, the brand has definitely embraced the hipster style with the latest collections, and it is rumoured it all began with Sean Penn wearing a pair of Vans in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Is it true? We shall never know, but do check out Vans latest menswear and womenswear collections at vans.co.uk, Amazon and the Vans stores across the country.

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Another American label established in 1970s, Starter mostly focuses on sportswear and has been out of fashion for years - perhaps why today's outsiders par excellence love this brand so much. About time to dig out those old school ultrashiny satin jackets and show them off as collector pieces. Also check out the new collections at JD Sports and starter.com.

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