Cool for fashion school

Vogue publisher Conde Nast is to launch itself into the not-quite-so-glamorous world of education, with its very own fashion college, reports the BBC. According to the publishers the college will be established in the next year, opening its doors next September in – where else – the fashion capital of the world, London.

Magazine editor Susie Forbes will be the college’s principal and the new team has said there are no plans as yet to offer undergraduate degrees, just year-long foundations and short courses to begin with.

Conde Nast’s managing director said: ‘Conde Nast is perfectly placed to enter the world of education. The reputation and authority of our brands puts us in a strong position to teach and inspire the fashion and decorating talent of the future.’

In the super competitive race for fashion course places we imagine students will be jumping at the chance to learn from one of the most powerful brands in the biz – if they throw in a free Vogue subscription too then we’re definitely on board.

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