Cool 80s fancy dress ideas for men

So, you want to emulate the classic look of Miami Vice, or perhaps you want to look like Billy Idol circa 1983. But perhaps you're at an impasse and can't quite decide which look to sport. Women often find it easy to come up with ways to mimic the classic and edgy look, but 80s fancy dress ideas for men are sometimes more difficult because not every man wishes to don an Adam Ant frock while sporting eye shadow.

If you want to have an easily recognised costume, but still retain your testosterone cred, dress up as Tom Cruise from the wildly popular movie, "Top Gun." All you need is military green coveralls with patches, aviator sunglasses. If you don't want to spend time hunting rummage sales or thrift shops for what you want, online retailer Fancy Dress Ball has a men's costume that comes complete with flight suit, sunglasses and patches for £59.99. The store also has a Ghost Busters costume that comes with an inflatable back pack for £39.95. Ordering is quite easy, and on the UK mainland, you'll pay £4.99 for regular postage and £6.95 for premium postage.You can peruse the rest of their 80s men costumes here: fancydressball.co.uk.

Jokers' Masquerade also has a "Top Gun" style flight suit for £22 less. The two costumes have noticeable differences, such as the colour. The outfit offered at Jokers' Masquerade is a darker green, with black zippers. It's a bit less fancy than the one you can purchase at Fancy Dress Ball, but if you're not particular, it does the job quite well. Jokers' Masquerade also sells a wealth of fancy Michael Jackson costumes and Mario Bros. outfits. If you wish to add a bit of danger to your life, dress up as an 80s punk rocker. The site offers up a realistic version of this outfit with red tartan trousers, braces and zippers, along with a black leather-like jacket for £36.99. You can find more 80s costume choices here: fancydressball.co.uk.

Jokers' Masquerade also charges £4.99 for normal shipping and £7.99 for premium shipping.

Since the 80s are coming back into fashion, you might even find 80s-inspired clothing at your local clothing or thrift shop. Put together a pair of Converse Chucks, a parachute pants, and a muscle T-shirt (a T-shirt with the sleeves removed) and checkered bandanas and you've just created a breakdancer look.

Wherever you look for your men's 80s costume, be sure to check prices, postage costs and delivery time. Depending on how you wish to ship your item, you could be waiting five days or just one. In fact, many online retailers offer the option of same day pick-up if you live within the vicinity of their warehouse.

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