Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform sneakers

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Every woman, at least once in her life, has fallen in love with platform shoes and has owned a least a pair.

This type of shoe model has been around since ancient times, but it saw a huge surge in popularity during the 30s to the 50s, when it was then replaced by other silhouettes, but in the late ‘60s the shoe fad came backand it continued through to the early 1980s.

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The disco era was probably the height of the second platform comeback, with not only women wearing them, but also men.

The style soon died down again, but to paraphrase Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote “Fashions fade, style is eternal,’ platforms may have faded for another couple of decades, but it they also made several comebacks, and now are a permanent part of any shoe designer collection.

Offering the height, and more comfort than high heels, they come in a variety of shoe styles, from boots, espadrilles, oxfords, sandals and of course, sneakers.

Converse 2013 Spring and Summer Chuck Taylor All Star Platform sneakers are just example that the style is still going strong and even the sneaker manufacturer wants to cash in on the fashion trend and continue to modernize their collections.

The All Star platform is often a choice for girls who want the comfort of a sports shoe but, also want the height and want make a statement with these colorful, eccentric and eye-catching sneakers.

The platforms are available in numerous colors and prints and the platform can be either striped or colored.

The only thing missing from Converse’s sneaker collection is that the All Star platform model isn’t one of the silhouettes available to be customized.

They have the Chuck Tayler slip sneaker, his All Star double upper and the Hi Canvas Arkham that can be customized, but no platforms, hopefully they'll decide to add platforms as an option next season.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Platform sneakers - Photo Gallery

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