A fresh new look with contact lenses in colour - Hull

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your look for a night or day out in Hull without a drastic change in style, contact lenses in a fun new colour are a great option. Switching eye colour can be a fun and flattering way to alter your natural colouring and keep them guessing as to what’s different about your look today!

One of the best things about using contact lenses in a new colour in Hull is that there’s no commitment to a drastic new look and you can switch to new shades as much oras little as you like.You may be looking for a complete change in eye colour orsimply to enhance your natural shade. Maybe you have a special occasion comingup or would like your eyes to match your mood? Possibly you are just looking tomatch your make-up or that hot new outfit!

Some of the most popular brands onthe market you might like to check out are Acuvue and Freshlook. The latter, which asserts it can ‘make your eyes your most beautiful accessory’, also offers free trials, so you have nothing to lose! Log onto this website for a useful guide as to what shades to opt for to suit your colouring, whether you want to subtly enhance your natural colour or try a dramatic colour change. If you would rather not use coloured contact lenses at first, try starting withenhancers, which will brighten your eye without changing its colour. It’s surprising how much of a difference coloured lenses canmake to your whole face, as eyes are generally our most prominent feature.

Wearing contact lenses in a striking colour are a relatively cheap, easy to use and safe way of doing this in Hull. However before purchasing you should consult your eye doctor to ensure you area suitable candidate to use these, particularly if you currently have aprescription. (This usually doesn’t pose a problem, as these days coloured lenses are usually available with or without prescription.

What are you waiting for? Time to ‘dress up’ your eyes for an instant, easy makeover today! Beautiful eyes will never go out of style.

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