Come on Irene

The recent hurricane that has laid waste to huge swathes of the eastern seaboard in America has shown that it's no fan of fashion. The devastating impact of the high winds has forced Marc Jacobs to move his New York fashion week show from September 15th from the 12th. We know, pretty shocking, huh?

However, the head of New York Fashion Week told Vogue, that no further disruption would be caused by the hurricane, saying, 'At this point no one else has changed. Marc's decision is isolated and was done with the utmost respect for the overall calendar in that he chose a time that does not compete directly with another designer and does not present an issue for model call times.'

Marc Jacobs business partner Robert Duffy told the magazine, 'We lost the weekend with the hurricane. We also lost time with the earthquake last week, when the building was evacuated and no one came back to work. That lost time is impossible to make up without pushing the show back. Our entire sample room - most of the people live outside the city and they couldn't get in here this weekend, nor we would we have wanted them to. If there's a risk, people want to be with their families.'

Marc Jacobs has hit the headlines in recent weeks for other reasons. Gossip is currently swirling around the fashion world that he is likely to be poached by Dior to head up their business, taking over from sacked designer Galliano.

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