Combine maxi skirts for a great style

The flowing maxi skirt is difficult to resist. It works for most styles and you can combine it with a lot of things from tops and vests to shoes and jewellery. The maxi skirt is a wardrobe staple that is always in fashion whatever the season.

How to combine maxi skirts

  • Pair them off with sexy tube tops. A tight fitting, bustier top will complement a maxi skirt. Loose shirts and blouses look great on a figure hugging skirt. Stripes, floral or plain tops in different colours are fantastic choices for any season.
  • Use a bomber jacket, cotton jerseys, and short blazers for those nippy days or to dress up your skirts.
  • Don on a wide band belt to accentuate a waistline. Maxi skirts with paper bag waists also hide bumpy areas.
  • Wedges, platforms, booties, and even slinky heels can make a sharp contrast to your outfit. Flats such as gladiator sandals are great for a day in town while pumps are ideal for formal events.
  • Wear tights or leggings underneath for extra protection on cold days. If you're wearing a skirt of sheer fabric, you can put on a pair of shorts underneath.
  • Add sparklers by putting on chandelier, hoops or journey earrings to complete the ensemble.
  • Include a shiny clutch bag when going to a party or a messenger bag for everyday use.
  • Get a big sunhat, bolero, or beanie to finish the look.

Pleated or belted, print or plain, combine the maxi skirt with anything that suits your style. There’s really no set of rules how to wear them. A lot depends on your taste and how you feel about wearing them. One thing is sure, the maxi skirts are here to stay. They are so versatile you can come up with so many different yet unique combinations for that elegant and feminine feeling.

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